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  • Trouble getting people to actually show up for your workshops?

  • Do you have a fear of public speaking?

  • Not sure where to get started with presentation material?

  • Don’t know where to start with social media ads?

Well, we’ve put together over 7 hours of resources to help address all those problems and put them here in one place for you!

In my opinion workshops are THE number one way to build the practice of your dreams filled with your ideal patients.

Imagine a practice filled with new patients who have already sat through an hour presentation, know what you are offering, understand the value and are now just coming in to find out if you can help and what your recommendations are.

I’ve put this together for you because workshops transformed my practice and I’ve personally seen it transform so many others.

I hope you find the content here extremely useful in creating the practice of your dreams so you can serve more people in your community!

All my best,

Steve Tullius, D.C.


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Workshop Strategy, Marketing, Presentations, Public Speaking and Communication Videos

Enjoy the content below and most importantly, put it to work!

The Workshop Formula: A 10 Step Proven Process to Fill Your Workshops

Dr. Steve Tullius has given over 200 public lectures on chiropractic in the past 10 years and has helped doctors give over 1000 in the last 6 years. In this video he identifies 10 key principles that have been proven to fill workshops in offices around the country.

The Workshop Formula: How to Build Your Presentations From Scratch

This video covers the exact process we use to create our seamless workshop topics and provides the template for you to create your own presentations so that you are educating, entertaining and mostly importantly, inspiring your audience to act.

DAY ZERO: The Key to the Practice of Your Dreams

Everyone in chiropractic obsesses around Day 1 and Day 2, but it is Day ZERO that builds your practice of your dreams. Listen in to understand the true value of a workshop driven practice.

Pre-Workshop Routine for a Successful Workshop

The success of your workshops is HIGHLY dependent upon the energy and intentions you set for it. Be sure to listen to this short video on developing a pre-workshop routine to maximize your results.

Attracting Your Ideal Patients

Dr. Julia Anderson shares how she was able to attract kids and families on a consistently, monthly basis without having to spend weekends at fairs and spinal screenings.

The Top 10 Things KILLING Your Workshops Series

After giving over 200 workshops and helping doctors give over 800, Dr. Steve has identified key things that are killing your workshops and shares them here.


We’re gifting this fantastic presentation to the profession because doctors need better tools to reach the public who desperate needs their care. Grab your copy now and watch Dr. Steve giving the presentation in the video here.

How to Crush Your Close and Schedule Double Digit New Patients

The close or what I call the “Offer-Tunity” is one of THE most botched areas of a workshop. Listen in to these tips that have helped so many doctors crush their close and consistently schedule double digit new patients at their workshops.

Ending the Struggle of Getting People to Show Up to Your Workshops

Dr. Amy Spoesltra shares how the constant struggles of getting people to show up for workshops was solved.

Facebook Workshop Ad Management Series

Walkthrough videos and key tips and strategies to help fill your workshops.

Workshop Facebook Ads Campaign Walkthrough

Daily monitoring of your FB ads campaigns is essential to getting great results. Here’s a walkthrough of the early stage of a campaign that will help you identify what you should be looking for and how to adapt when you are running your ads.

Monitoring Your Workshop Facebook Ads

Daily monitoring of your FB ads campaigns is essential to getting great results. Here’s a walkthrough of the early stage of a campaign that will help you identify what you should be looking for and how to adapt when you are running your ads.

How to Get 76 Registrations for Your Next Workshop

In this case study we quickly run through how we were able to get so many registrations and key principles and strategies you’ll want to employ and follow.

Changing Ad Images, Decreasing Ad Overlap and Monitoring Your Results

In this video we cover why changing your images regularly, avoiding ad set overlap and daily monitoring of your campaigns is so essential to get the results you’re looking for.

How to Get 48 Registrations for Less than $400

Quick overview of the techniques you’ll want to use to get fantastic results for a workshop campaign.

How to Keep Your Facebook Ad Spend as Low as Possible

Tips and strategies to keep your ad spend as low as possible.

How to Schedule Your Ads at Set Times

How to schedule your ads to run only at specific times of day and days of the week.

Adding your Facebook Pixel to Eventbrite

Why it is critical that you add your Facebook Pixel to Eventbrite and how to do so.

Why Workshops are the #1 Practice Growth Tool

Dr. Abbey Ike shares why she thinks every DC and new grad should be doing workshops.

6 Week Webinar Masterclass Series

Learn the ins and outs of the webinar process and strategy.

Week 1: The Webinar Funnel

Week 1 of the 6 Week Webinar Masterclass series went deeply into The Webinar Funnel. Webinars are great but if you don’t follow the marketing tips and principles laid out here, your results will not nearly be as effective as they could be.

Week 2: Technology, Equipment and Setup

In this video we cover the various software and equipment needs as well as technical aspects and troubleshooting items you need to be aware of.

Week 3: The Presentation

Presenting via webinar is definitely very different than in person. This video discusses those key differences you need to be aware of and strategies to increase engagement from your viewers.

Week 4: Lead Follow Up

Webinars will often attract more leads than an in person workshop, however there will typically be less engagement as fewer people will get on the webinar and there is a good chance they will not watch the whole thing if they do get on. Make sure you watch this video to ensure you are properly following up with your leads.

Week 5: Nurturing Your Leads

Chiropractors are notorious for ignoring their leads. We meet someone at an event, a workshops, a lead form or any number of ways and after a couple interactions we act as if they no longer exist. Lead nurturing is a concept we all need to become very familiar with and this video will help you develop the strategy to nurture those webinar leads.

Week 6: Facebook Ads to Promote Your Webinar

Some people think we are crazy for showing you how to setup your own Facebook ads. Those people come from a place of lack. We know we couldn’t possibly take on every office and some offices just prefer to do things on their own while others like those in our program want a done for you system. In this video we walk you through a STEP BY STEP tutorial on the strategy and setup.

Tranfsorm Your Community

Dr. Mike Merkt shares how workshops allow you to reach the people who WANT and NEED you the most.

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